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A Balanced Throat Chakra for Healthy Self Esteem

Throat Chakra Vishuddha

Why it is important to have a balanced Throat Chakra for healthy self esteem

Lots of people wonder why it is important to have one of the higher chakras so balanced, when a lot of self mastery actually comes from the lower chakras. The Throat chakra, is one of the lesser spoken about chakras, and yet, in the grand scheme of things it is found that to live a healthy life, it is the most important.

So what is the deal with this chakra? What does it rule and how can we use it to benefit things more?

Often people who have sore throats, blocked noses and cold like symptoms are dealing with the blocks of the throat chakra (Vishuddha). Many healers and psychics deal with issues around this area, as they take on people’s energy and it clogs the place up, energetically. The throat Chakra is responsible for healthy, divine living because it allows us to express ourselves fully.

People who have the most developed throat chakra (as you can imagine) as people like public speakers, writers and authors as well as activism. These professionals typically and traditionally require speaking and defending the truth and you need to have a very powerful throat chakra for it.

A lot of women also have blocks in this area when it comes to their relationships. Situations such as clingy and neediness come from a place when the throat chakra has been suppressed.

One of the biggest attacks on this chakra, is the social media site, Facebook. The deep blue, is the throat chakra colour and it has made people anti-social, despite it being marketed as a “social site”. This is why people are specifically always attacking each other on that site, and the site psychically has a very distinct negative feel, as opposed to other platforms. This is something not a lot of people are aware of, so if you need to use this site, make sure it is to an absolute basic necessity. In order to develop healthy self esteem, this chakra is wise to be stretched out using the methods of singing, speaking loud (for no reason, sometimes to clear your throat) as well as public speaking and exercising the right to your truth.

Every person that suffers with the affliction of low self esteem, has a blocked throat chakra. Often times, if you are giving someone a reading and you keep feeling the need to clear your throat, it is either because they are lying in terms of giving you feedback in the reading (they may feel ashamed, embarrassed etc) or they may be truly afraid to speak up and voice whatever they have going on in their life. It will manifest as you wanting to clear your throat periodically, as you try and tune into what is going on underneath the surface.

Things like tonsillitis also show up heavily, in throat chakra blocks and a lot of spiritual healing can actually prevent an operation. Surprisingly, a lot of people who smoke also have blocks in this area, this is why they are addicted to something that is so harmful and that is also damaging their voice box area.

One of the best strategies for unblocking your throat chakra into a higher vibration, is stopping gossiping. This is a very low vibrational behaviour and it is actually clogging up all the vibrations that will allow the chakra to spin properly. Refrain the need to be judgement to other people as well, as this is using your chakra in again, a negative form. Remember, the more lower vibrational behaviours that you have, the harder it is to keep your throat chakra actually spinning fast but in a positive direction.

The best way, in conclusion to remove the throat chakra blocks, is to definitely speak up for yourself and do your absolute best in communicating when you feel uncomfortable about anything. People who are good, will respect your boundaries, apologize for overstepping them and then never do it again. If you find someone repeating their behaviour even after your adamant of not doing it, use your voice and walk away.

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That’s all I can say.
It was so overwhelming to hear some of the stuff you came back to me with, but I really did need to hear it. Thank you so much for your beautiful words.
God bless you.

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