The Karmic Loop Of Negative Energy Patterns

Negative Energy Patterns are something unfortunately that a lot of people fall into, without realising why, how or where they originate from. Part of rising into your own consciousness quickly enables you to spot how you are relating to things as well as how you process them. Unfortunately, the average person lives a very stuck life because their frequency is based on the 3D level that is typically filled with lack, drama and emotional pain. They believe that the dysfunction that they carry around with them is normal.

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Lack of Education on the Spiritual World

Lack of Education on the Spiritual World

There is a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the spiritual world; a lot of people have not been educated and have no knowledge of how it works.

When people approach me or anybody who they feel might be gifted, they will bombard them with a range questions from a mediumistic, healing or even a psychic point of view. 

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Inspirational Spiritual Quotes Part 4


The fourth installment of spiritual and inspirational quotes to inspire!
This ‘Awake’ collection includes; Carl Jung, T S Eliot, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, De La Soul, Harold Klemp, Machiavelli and Ken Keynes Jr.

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Inspirational Spiritual Quotes Part 3

Inspire & Empower

Part 3 is another collection of our favourites to inspire, empower & share the love in 2017.

This month’s quotes include; Bruce Lee, Stephen King, Voltaire, George Michael, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Alan Moore, Steven Biko, Mark Twain and George Orwell.

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Inspirational Spiritual Quotes Part 2

Quotes to Empower

Spiritual quotes part 2 is another collection of our favourites to inspire, empower & guide you.

This month’s quotes include; Alice Bailey, Bob Marley, Neale Donald Walsch, Neil Gaiman, Chuck D, Carl Jung, Rumi, George Harrison and Yogananda.

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How to Magnetize Healthy Love

Love is possibly, THE most sought after thing, on the planet. Even more so than Money.

The Arcane Laws of Love, are of far greater magnitude and superiority to money. Money is simply an energetic channel, on which to manifest abundance on this plane. Love, is all encompassing and is of an Alchemical nature.

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Building A Business. The Psychic Way

Ask anyone who came out of the Psychic closet (myself included), will tell you one of the hardest things to do, is just that.

You cannot fake spirit guides, you cannot fake being this gift. The initiates will see through you immediately but will probably keep silent, so you believe your own garbage. So then, what is the reason that most people of this nature, struggle to build an Entrepreneurial Business, and flip flop in life without knowing where to go?

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Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies

Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies, has never been harder.

The lies have been prettied up, dressed up and made to look spectacular and amazing, leaving you questioning what you feel and believe. This is a global, advanced stage of gas lighting, something that people don’t often realise until they have had these “facts” hijack their system and they are confused.

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The Importance of Your Lower Chakras In Modern Day Lifestyle

ou will often find in Spirit and Esoterica teachings, that there is the saying “As Above, So Below” and no where is this found more poignantly, than in the higher and lower natures of man. Most people think that base desires and survival is of a “lower” nature and in some category or form, they are accurate. However, what they struggle to understand is that these lower natures are things that a lot of religions actually suppress, and this is the reason people are ending up with things like neurosis because their sexual energy is not being circulated properly in a high manner.

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The Addiction of Karmic Relationships and how to identify them

Most people have gone through a karmic relationship, especially if you have an old soul and you are here to clear up old karma with someone through and from a previous life. Karmic relationships often incur when you find that you have to solve some past life karma, and often found in a romantic sense.

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