3 Keys to Success


Most people fully believe that there is only one key to Success, and end up finding themselves in a darkened, blackened hole – with no real clarity on how to move forward in life. They try different things, only to come to find that other people’s “well-meaning advice”, isn’t and doesn’t work well for them.

Success, is an amalgamation of three exceptionally simple keys that end up turning the lock to cruise into the Life Success Fast-lane. You may be wondering what these are, so one of our staff writers have taken the liberty to share them and how you can put them into action.


Put simply, this is the ability to be able to work with what you have to make do. I find that this trait is severely underrated and not used enough by people. When you don’t have the required things/circumstances that are needed to bring your situation to it’s maximum potential, always think about what you can do with what you have. Say for instance you wanted to begin a YouTube channel but you didn’t have all the fancy equipment? You can either allow that to stop you, or you can get a cheap tripod from Amazon and you can use your phone to shoot and upload it. Most people will not think of this, because they are too concerned about making a good impression, instead of just getting the job done and upgrading as they went along.


Dexterity is the ability to be nimble, fast, and agile, in a situation that requires you to be so. A lot of people take a long amount of time being able to fix a sticky situation, because their mind works in a very linear fashion and they cannot possess divergent thinking. Divergent thinking allows you to incorporate to be resourceful and use what you have, but use it in a way where you feel that you have control over your circumstances. Imagine you were stuck on a motorway and you didn’t know any other routes to get to your destination. The lines were long but there is a slip road out. Dexterity calls for the slip road and you can navigate your way, without having to waste a lot of time there.


Velocity is the speed you can move at to achieve a goal, without finding yourself off track. Life is not about IF you get hit on your destination, it’s about WHEN –and how fast you can recover with minimal damage. Velocity, allows you to move with speed and also fine tune your movements by combining the first 2 keys. Often time, people take too long to think about something and then wonder why they missed the opportunity. There is a saying that it is easier to fix a bad decision than to get working on no decision.

When you combine these 3 keys, you will come to find that Success will always be yours because you lined up your skill set to be receptive to opportunities in your life.