The Addiction of Karmic Relationships and how to identify them


Most people have gone through a karmic relationship, especially if you have an old soul and you are here to clear up old karma with someone through and from a previous life. Karmic relationships often incur when you find that you have to solve some past life karma, and often found in a romantic sense.

A lot of people grow up in dysfunctional and unhealthy households, so karmic relationships often feel like “true love”, because for most people, fear, coercion and manipulative abuse actually equals to love in their mind. The psyche is an interesting thing, and none so more than when you meet someone that you share a spellbinding connection with. Karmic relationships, are essentially the human equivalent of a drug addiction. Most people that have had a relationship with a karmic partner, often report the feeling of being “addicted” to this person and reminiscent of a person who is desperately fighting themselves not to give into their addictions.

Karmic relationships are typically very emotionally abusive because they are there to teach us, major lessons about our self worth.

Even though you have learned the karma, the pull will always be there, because you have known the person in previous lives.

When you go through this, you will feel a push pull of the person being extremely hot and cold with you, and you have to make a very challenging and difficult decision to learn the karma that comes along with it, and put a final stop to walk away. Many karmic relationships are so thrilling and addictive, like taking a hit of heroin, that not going back to the rush and the high of it, takes it’s own time. And this is usually, after you have been burnt severely to know that it is the wrong decision for you, to continue on with this person after everything you have endured.

If someone is doing their soul work, and on an emotional level, you start to raise your frequency up, you realise that someone disrespecting you and treating you like dirt, isn’t Love at all. It is abuse and you need to find it within yourself to always remind yourself of your own worth.

You are definitely going to have times when the pull strikes you, however it is about the awareness that the dynamic brings up, for you to clear. You cannot rely on your partner to pull out of the karmic bond, as more than likely, your soul desires freedom and you are looking for some way to release yourself from this. Always remember, just because something feels exciting, addictive and compelling, does not mean that it is healthy for you. Often times, it is the complete opposite. It is severely toxic and you need to run away from it, as fast as you can.

You will remain addicted to the dynamic, for as long as you keep avoiding your deep pain and abandonment fears. The moment you begin to build yourself up, and you come to a point that you would never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

What should you do, when the person you have a karmic relationship returns? Well, firstly the best thing to do, is to affirm to yourself that the person also feels the connection just like you do. Remember, a karmic bond can never just be one sided. So this person is often reaching out to you, because your self work has reached them, on an energetic level and they want to find out and feed in to what it is you are doing, and if you are “moving on” without them.

When this happens, and you have separated, the wisest thing to do in this instance, is not respond. If it costs you, your peace (which karmic relationships often do), it is far too expensive for you to entertain. In order to transcend the drama of the karmic relationship dynamic, you need to have worked on yourself to achieve peace and desire peace and a stable state of mind at all times. You will be tested until the Universe and it’s energies, see very clearly, that you are not looking to return to an addictive, and very noxious dynamic that will keep you stuck and spinning your wheels.

In conclusion, karmic relationship dynamics are very important because they teach you incredibly wise lessons, on what real love is, which actually shows up ironically once you have broken free from the karma that has held you there, for as long as you allowed it to.