The Importance of Your Lower Chakras In Modern Day Lifestyle


You will often find in Spirit and Esoterica teachings, that there is the saying “As Above, So Below” and no where is this found more poignantly, than in the higher and lower natures of man. Most people think that base desires and survival is of a “lower” nature and in some category or form, they are accurate. However, what they struggle to understand is that these lower natures are things that a lot of religions actually suppress, and this is the reason people are ending up with things like neurosis because their sexual energy is not being circulated properly in a high manner.

So what exactly are the lower chakras and how can we use them best in modern society?

The lower chakras comprise of the root chakra, sacral chakra and the solar plexus.

The root chakra is found between the genitals and at the very absolute base of the spine.

It’s the colour is red and it governs financial and sexual liberation and security, simultaneously. When and often people’s cashflow is blocked, you will find that their money is blocked at the same time, because in order to attain money and sexual pleasure, you must be able to receive generally and at a core level, most people feel shame in receiving due to low self worth. This chakra being grounded as the 1st chakra, is possibly the most important gift you can provide for yourself.

The second chakra is found in the lower abdomen, where the womb area is for women.

Men’s sexuality is situated in the first chakra, women’s in the second. The Sacral chakra is all to do with expressing feminine balance (yes, even in men), joyousness, happiness and creativity. This chakra being blocked in women, often results in a lot of feminine health issues and leaves a woman feeling very bland and dull. In men, it often manifests as depression and in only men, this chakra has a tie to the throat chakra (one of the upper chakras), which means he often will feel depleted of energy and very resentful towards life. The colour of this chakra is a glowing orange and often work done on it, means that someone is able to welcome heightened creativity and balance into their life.

The last of the lower chakras, is the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus.

Given the name Solar, it’s colour is a beautiful bright yellow and it governs all the stomach and lower intestinal area. This is also the first place that your intuition hits, hence why our auric field body can register changes, such as butterflies in your stomach, knots in the pits of your stomach, the gut feeling—all of it is related to psychic information coming through the area. This is why the type of food you eat, is going to directly affect if you can channel clearly during your work or not.

People that possess remarkably strong intuition, eat very clean. Ensure that in order to help you with your intuitive feelings, eat a lot of yellow food. It has been noted, that in order to keep all the chakras balanced, especially the lower ones, it is imperative to eat the corresponding colour food.

The lower chakras are all about balancing your daily survival and once all of them are functioning and spinning at the speed they should be doing, you will find that generating and retaining money, becomes excessively simple. Given that all the chakras are spinning wheels and vortexes of energy, if any single of them is out of balance or is spinning too slow, or too fast, you will find that in the corresponding chakra, you will have issues, so it is best to have a chakra cleanse or a flush to ensure that you are vibrating as high and happy as possible!