Building A Business. The Psychic Way


Ask anyone who came out of the Psychic closet (myself included), will tell you one of the hardest things to do, is just that.

You cannot fake spirit guides, you cannot fake being this gift. The initiates will see through you immediately but will probably keep silent, so you believe your own garbage. So then, what is the reason that most people of this nature, struggle to build an Entrepreneurial Business, and flip flop in life without knowing where to go?

The answer is rather simple. No plan.

A while back I actually spoke about how people do not have any masculine focus to get stuff done and this highly extends to the feminine gift of Psychic ability. It is feminine because it involves feeling and not shutting it out like most men have sadly been trained in society TO DO.

Men who live in their Priesthood, know that balancing their Feminine Feeling energy is very important. SO I have often seen these men take a very radically different approach to the uninitiated and unconscious man, who decides to use his ego for everything he approaches in life.

Building a business, the psychic way — is fun.

I cannot speak for anyone who isn’t psychic because it is important that you understand that your ability will show you where to go and to whom. So many people are peddling their glorified nonsense each day, that if you aren’t using your 3rd eye, you cannot see who is what and how they are selling you very water and air tight dream. I have seen con artists make MILLIONS off unsuspecting people, and even people who are very psychic themselves because their material is so convincing.

Most Spirit based people approach money from a sense of no tangibility, and yet rather just expect it to flow towards them. Building a business from a psychic based perspective, is actually simpler once you understand how to tie into a capitalistic Entrepreneurial mind-set and combine both. The struggle comes when you want to do things from a outer realm perspective, but forget we live in this realm.

The first thing you need to do is use your ability to “plug in the gaps”, so to speak. You need to look at where and how your business may have opportunities and threats that won’t really work and how to work around this on a Spirit based level, something you have a massive advantage over a non-psychic person, over. Remember that, you must have everything that is normally tangible in terms of your business operation and processes, just there are different methods to “download” information that you can record for later purposes. Having that plan that I mention, is so important because you can always refer back to the plan, to ensure that you are on the right track.

Planning is key, especially in a psychic slant when you inject that into your business, because you will find that it is easy to veer and get side-tracked. It is also very important to use tangibility based with psychic ability to be able to explain your business to non-psychic people proficiently and calmly.

Your business as a psychic, doesn’t have to be BASED on your psychic ability, but it surely MUST incorporate it at all times. A lot of people get this part mixed up a lot, because people feel that if they are psychic, their business MUST be selling divination services. You can invest your time, energy, money and effort into completely something different, and yet still use your ability to help see things that cannot be seen to the untrained eye. So just as I tell anyone who asks me, have a plan. Have it at all times, and keep refining it in your head.

Stop talking and start doing. No one needs to hear about what is who and when is how. This is the peril of today’s society, unfortunately. Just get on with it and use your ability to chart the course. Use the tangible parts of your ability to show you the way, moving forward. With this borne in mind, you will have major success in your Business from a psychic standpoint.