How to Magnetize Healthy Love


Love is possibly, THE most sought after thing, on the planet. Even more so than Money.

The Arcane Laws of Love, are of far greater magnitude and superiority to money. Money is simply an energetic channel, on which to manifest abundance on this plane. Love, is all encompassing and is of an Alchemical nature. Most people do not realize how to Love properly, because their idea of love is unhealthy, toxic and dysfunctional. Sadly, many people mistake control, coercion and fear doe love.

Energetically, people do their best to resolve their patterns with their parents, through unconscious projection in finding a partner to fix their problems. As the human saying goes “Most people do not want Love, they want help”. This is remarkably accurate. As these neural pathways get cross wired, they get increasingly clogged up with Astral/Spiritual grime through sexual activity which further reinforces the notion to them that Love is unsafe and dangerous.

Magnetizing healthy love is very simple— when an individual is confident in their own energy, despite any fear or insecurity they may possess, people will love them, because they know that the person loves themselves. A person who is low vibration, repels people who loves themselves, because they are a desperate pit of unmet needs and they are FORCING people to fill it.

When Love is healthy, it is self directed, and sustained. There is no push pull, no mind games, no power plays. Two people who are healthy and balanced within Self, join forces to take on the world. Most people find healthy love, boring. People who enjoy chaos, drama, abuse and violence, will always magnetize people who mirror their issues. Denial is a terrible thing. They need to find something to argue and fight about as this in their mind fosters some level of connection. This is why people think Sex is Love.

Sex is a MANIFESTATION of Love, done correctly.

Done wrongly, you have a negative soul-tie and a drain, for life. Most people with a victim mindset, have no boundaries. And as per Esoteric Law, where there is a victim, there will be an abuser. People who feel low within themselves, leave the Universe no choice, through Law of Polarity, to attract an abuser. There is no need to lash out to say “other people mistreat you” when your energetic field is going to keep perpetuating that conscious reality to manifest, repeatedly. Most people are looking unconsciously for someone else to fix them, and yet do not understand that at an energetic level, they are perpetuating more chaos and drama to come towards them.

People typically tend to date at their self esteem. Most people have little to no self esteem, through unconscious abusive parenting that opens the portal to having more abuse come towards you. In order to magnetize healthy love towards you, it is important for you to develop on an emotional level, which means that it is important to process all your wounds, either privately or with a trusted confidante/professional.

Until and unless you have healed yourself, you will keep attracting people who perpetuate the cycle of reinforcing how unworthy you feel towards yourself.