Lack of Education on the Spiritual World


Lack of Education on the Spiritual World

There is a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the spiritual world; a lot of people have not been educated and have no knowledge of how it works.

When people approach me or anybody who they feel might be gifted, they will bombard them with a range questions from a mediumistic, healing or even a psychic point of view.  People don’t understand that each of the questions are dealt with individually, and are all different in their own aspects.  Therefore, the healer cannot give a clairvoyant or mediumistic reading whilst healing a client, this is because the guides that are used for a healing will not necessarily be the same guides that are used for a mediumistic or a message from a loved one.

When asked such profound questions whilst I am healing, I am completely shocked that people lack the knowledge of knowing the differences of the spiritual world.

If you book in for a healing, then it should specifically be a healing, and if it’s a reading you need, then it should be specifically a reading; both are very different, you cannot combine the two.  People need to be educated to understand why both cannot be delivered at the same time and why this cannot happen.

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