Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies


Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies, has never been harder.

The lies have been prettied up, dressed up and made to look spectacular and amazing, leaving you questioning what you feel and believe. This is a global, advanced stage of gas lighting, something that people don’t often realise until they have had these “facts” hijack their system and they are confused.


So, what is to be done, in a space and place of this? How do we reclaim our own power when we are bombarded daily by mass hypnotic media to believe lies as truth and truth as lies?


Well, the simple solution is to research and understand what the actual truth is, which is Natural Law, and really go with that. The very first thing to begin with, is meditation. This calms your mind down and it makes life simpler to deal with life. Secondly, you must be very aware of your thoughts as you move forward. As a sensitive or an Empath, you’re often tired and exhausted with the world’s energy and you don’t get to rest enough. Remember when you don’t get to have a space to recharge and be alone in, your Empathy will swing like a pendulum and you will often exhibit all the classic signs of depression and sadness. Ask you own wise counsel on the smallest of things, to ensure that whatever you are choosing to do, is from your own best interest and that you can deal with it.


Too many people are looking from guidance from outside to give them the answers, when they should be looking inside to help them make that decision. Psychic ability is great to have those answers, therefore it’s important to trust your intuition always.


Trusting others is often challenging and difficult as well. In a climate, where people are so comfortable with lying, the hardest thing to do is always check in with yourself to see where and how you feel and running with that. Lies alone over a very long period, inhibits the brains central processing of dealing with things, making it all that much harder to feel and stay strong and sufficient.


There often comes a point with lies, that a lie told one too many times in a lot of people’s eyes, sadly becomes the truth. The reason for this, is because we feel that we cannot overcome the web of deceit that has been woven around us and due to this, unsurprisingly, you will find that your cognitive processes may not function as well.


Especially where there is a Spiritual awakening, what comes interestingly is that most of this world and most people’s lives, are nothing but lies. This creates a huge double bind, because people once shown a doorway of the truth, don’t know how to deal with it. They become exhausted and fatigued and there is mental fog that sets in. Where there is Divine Truth, there is no confusion because where there is the truth, there is no second thought on anything. We as humans all have the capacity to feel the vibration of the lie or the truth told, and we behave accordingly. Our society is malaise and sick due to this problem that has overtaken us.


 Do not let nice euphemisms like “alternative facts” distract you from the fact, that people are lying to your face and you should be outraged about their lie. If you choose to walk in Truth, you will very ordinarily find yourself agitated and angry at people’s fundamental nature to lie. Do not be upset about this for long because what you will find, is if that people have lived their whole life based on a lie, it is impossible to get them to speak the truth to you. This is the main and predominant reason that you cannot wait for anyone to tell you what is right or what is wrong.


“The truth will piss you off first. But then it will set you free.”