The Daily Life of a Psychic


here are a lot of people that ate very curious about what the daily life of a psychic looks like, and honestly, it is no different to anyone else’s life.

We eat, sleep and see our friends as usual, however depending on the type of psychic gift we are blessed with, situations vary. Most psychics are easily drained in public, when you do not practice any grounding or shielding because we are always picking up extra sensory information that will leave you exceptionally drained and tired for the most part.

Often people who are psychic enjoy nature, as it brings us closer to being at one with everything, especially in joy and peace. Rarely will you find someone who is psychically gifted or inclined going to places with loud noises like concerts and malls, which is sometimes why online shopping is such a relief.


It can become exceptionally overwhelming to feel so many emotions in such a short space of time, so it is brilliant that you can relax and enjoy in places that are without noise and allow you to think. Psychics are often very creative and feeling based people, so we are often known to write, paint, sing, dance and all the other type of creative work that allows us to use our gift to maximum capacity, without thinking about if the work is boring or enjoyable.

Being spiritually gifted means that there will be certain lifestyle choices that you make, such as regularly incense and saging your house to keep it spiritually clean as well as being hyper sensitive to all the energy that is in your own place as well.

Many psychics, if not all– possess the gift of Clairtangency, which is essentially drawing energy from your surroundings. If your house is clean and nice, you will feel it much easier to read for others, as opposed to focusing in clutter. We are a lot more mindful of things, considering the influx of energy that comes about in our day.


Most people who have a psychic gift generally must contend in their early years of being shut out, and abandoned. In a world that values people who are cold and calculating with little to no emotion, as little kids, psychics feel too much and are often sadly bullied.

Considering many of them grow up with esteem issues, the day to day life of a psychic is often not very attention seeking, as they do not prefer to be in the limelight of anything. Psychics, given the nature of their work also face medical issues such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia as well as several mental health afflictions, again from receiving far too much information than their mind and body combined, can handle.


Psychics are very conscious about their diet, because to have a channel door to speak to spirits open, you need to have a very highly alkaline based diet, which often means that most are either vegan or vegetarian, because it makes doing the type of work they do, very simple.

A lot of them speak up for animal rights and although this may not be every single day, what you will find is that what someone does over a period, then seeps into your daily life because it becomes part of who you are and your existence. So many people who have no real experience with being around someone who is psychic think that psychics are weird and we do things weirdly. Whereas in fact, we do things the same, it’s just through a different lens.

When you have a variant perspective of things, you will find that your behaviour looks very different to the average person who chooses not to use their ability on a day to day basis.


Psychic ability, very easily explained is your gut feeling, but amplified. Considering every single day, we are probably either reading for someone, or doing some sort of spiritually based work, it is impossible to live in a place where there are too many people going in and out, because the nature of this work requires a lot of silence.

The day to day life of a psychic is spent naturally in a lot of reflection, even whilst running errands or doing chores because our mind is always tuned into downloading information that is incoming and then using it in the correct manner.

All in all, you will find that once your psychic DNA activates, your lifestyle transforms rapidly, for the better and you must let go of many things that you could once do. It is an adjustment; however, every psychic enjoys their life the way it is through a period of adjustment.