The Karmic Loop Of Negative Energy Patterns


Negative Energy Patterns are something unfortunately that a lot of people fall into, without realising why, how or where they originate from. Part of rising into your own consciousness quickly enables you to spot how you are relating to things as well as how you process them. Unfortunately, the average person lives a very stuck life because their frequency is based on the 3D level that is typically filled with lack, drama and emotional pain. They believe that the dysfunction that they carry around with them is normal.

The karmic holographic loop is when our thoughts and vibration does not change, hence allowing us to remain in a place that is stuck and divided, on the lower side of duality; without ever stopping to question and think if it is right for us. Have you ever noticed that sickness, hardship and lack (be it money, love or joy), is always brought about someone continuing to speak negatively about their situation?

Have you ever noticed someone complain about a lack of money, and yet even 5 years from now, their situation remains the same?

This is simply and due to the karmic loop. Words have immense spoken power that the modern day person overlooks. Our words are connected to our neural pathways in our brain, which allow us to then manifest that level of reality. What is really interesting is that even if you do not have something, if you keep speaking about it—it will arrive into existence. Why is this? This is due to the fact that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the truth from a lie and what you will often find in this situation, is when you keep repeating something over and over again, it will cement in your mind.

Once something is cemented in your mind, and especially when it is negative—it is very difficult to remove out of your mind.

So what are the best ways to deprogramme yourself from negative beliefs?

There are a few, and so let us look into them here.

One of the best ways to do so, is to do a chakra cleanse. Understanding, that even if one of your chakras isn’t spinning properly—there is hell to pay. Each one out of the 7, has it’s own job to participate in, however if you’re finding a lack of focus, it will be in your top 3. If you are finding you are struggling with financial and sexual issues, it will be your lower 3. A chakra resetting is usually good enough for a lot of people, as they have never had their emotional body cleansed.

It is wise to understand that even if you shower every single day, think of your emotional pain body as well as your spiritual body. How many times have you cleansed them?

People are often astounded to realise that there is life in them, way beyond—than the physical body. We often have 9 bodies (including the physical), that people are often not educated enough on how and why to clean, which is why they keep running into negativity.

I implore you to think of it this way. If you hadn’t showered in a few days, you start to itch, yes? You would feel uncomfortable and not very clean. Now think of this going on, all your life. You’re itching, scratching, you smell—and yet you do not know why. You do not know, it can be all cleared out through a shower and a good lavishing of shampoo, conditioner and soap. This is the spiritual equivalent of not cleansing. You will eventually repel good things coming to you and attract filthy, bad ones.

The second way in order to deprogramme, and reset your beliefs are through hypnosis. Although this may take a bit longer, because it is still going through the psyche—it definitely makes more sense to those who are of the logical disposition. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped a lot of people reset new belief systems and patterns in their life.

The third way to deprogramme, is to do with EFT. You can use tapping on parts of the body in which the meridians flow, in order to allow new energy to come through to you and free yourself of any old limiting patterns and beliefs that you wish to reset and reprogramme.

Remember, that eliminating negative thoughts is simple when you start to elevate your frequency and don’t participate in 3D drama. It is amazing what a spiritual cleanse can do for you! You do not deserve a life where you are constantly held down by negativity at all.

Life is meant for living, enjoying and being stable and happy!