What are Rune Stones?


Rune Stones are originally a series of 24 ancient alphabet symbols.


  • Adapted over time to include a further 9 runes

  • Typically made of glass, wood, or stone

  • Originates from archaic form of the Germanic alphabet

  • Form of divination

  • “Rune” means mystery, or secret

What are Rune Stones used for?

  • Gain insight into situations or questions

  • Historically used for magic purposes

  • Shows you what is likely to happen

  • Suggests variables on how to deal with each potential outcome

How do they work?

  • Runes are casted onto a white cloth

  • Choice of 11 different spreads; the more spreads, the more specific your answer will be

  • Only the runes that land the right way up are read

Why choose a Rune Stone reading?

  • A good way to get an answer to a single question

  • Runic readers agree that the future is not certain –they provide the knowledge and power to change your destiny

  • Useful in circumstances where you have access to limited information