What are Spirit Guides?


Spirit guides are with us even before we are born into this world. It is said that we have between four and seven Guides that accompany us through life,

  • some through childhood

  • some through our teenage years

  • and some throughout our early adult years.

There is always one main Spirit Guide who is with us every step of our journey. Many people refer to it as a Guardian Angel, but this isn’t quite accurate; Angels cannot incarnate themselves, whereas many spirits have had lifetimes spent here on Earth, and therefore do have this capacity. They offer, through their experience, their wisdom, comfort and counsel, nudging you to take the right path.

They are here purely to support you – as much or as little as you would like.

Types of Spirit Guides

Ascended Masters

If you receive a message from your Ascended Master, take heed! They have ascended from human form, enlightened and awakened, to teach us how to attain a higher level of ourselves.

Teacher Guides

Depending on the information you seek, they can appear as warriors, kings or monks, steering you towards a better path than the one currently on. Teacher Guides can also lead you to the right person to teach what it is you need to learn. If a task is proving to be overly challenging, this is the time to ask for help.

Gatekeeper Guides

Similar to Protector Guides, but more spiritual in nature. They find the most relevant spirits to work alongside you based on your current situation. They work to block negative energies, and allow loved ones to pass through and speak to you, generally via a psychic medium.


These are relatives that have passed over. They could be someone you knew, or even a great-great-grandfather who lived a hundred years earlier. They watch over you, influencing you to make decisions that will have a positive effect on your life.


Light beings who answer our calls for comfort, assistance and guidance.


There’s a hierarchical system within the spirit community, then the Archangels are at the pinnacle. Representing the very essence of God’s will, they guide the other angels who work with us here on Earth.

Joy Guides

Often appear as fairies or young children, they can be playful or mischievous in nature, but can help you find peace or happiness, especially during difficult situations. Their task is for you not to take things so seriously, in order that you can see the funny side of situations, allowing you to get more out of life and enjoy your time here on Earth.


They pop in and out of our lives to perform specific tasks. Helper Guides only appear when something of interest to them crops up; for example, you’re redecorating your house, and that Helper used to be a painter. Rather than have any affiliation with a person, they’re more attached to a project that you may be undertaking; but they will be there to help for as long as you need them before moving on to someone else.


Also known as Power Animals, they’re the animal form of Guardian Angels. If you’re willing to be open and feel connected to your higher self, you’ll receive the benefit of their influence.

Message Bearer

Useful in delivering messages or information from other spirits. They are commonly used by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants to give readings. You will most likely find them appear when you are at a crossroads, and have a life changing decision to make.


Generally strong in appearance as well as character, they appear in times of trouble or concern, when you need bravery, courage or strength. They can appear not only in human form, but also in animal form such as elephants or tigers.


Associated with our general well-being – spiritually, emotionally and physically.They might appear to us as monks or shamans.

Spiritual Healers, and even surgeons, commonly use this type of Guide. They are also present when you are experiencing some kind of emotional trauma, or having a medical operation, and can help you through the healing process.

Now that you know many of the different types of Spirit Guide (this is by no means an exhaustive list) how can you make contact with one?