What are Tarot Cards?



  • First appeared in Italy in the 15th Century

  • Originally created as normal playing cards

  • Taken up for divination purposes in the 18th Century

  • Tarot Card images based on Major and Minor Arcana

What are the cards used for?

  • Helpful for people who have big decisions to make

  • Inspire change and self-development

  • Assurance and direction about important issues affecting your life

How do they work?

  • Tarot has four suits, similar to playing cards; Swords, Pentacles, Wands and Cups

  • Tere are 78 cards in total, split into Major (22) and Minor (56) Arcana

  • Tarot can provide more accurate dates and places that events will happen

  • Brings you into contact with your Higher Self

Why choose a Tarot Reader?

  • Readers tap into their sixth sense, or intuition

  • Preferred by those who believe in the paranormal

  • Achieve a fresh perspective on existing issues or problems

  • Identify both conscious and subconscious control you have over your life

  • Major and Minor Arcana – Explained in Brief:

Major Arcana

  • Represents powerful and long term energy

  • If one appears in your reading, you have accessed a powerful energy in a specific part of your life

Minor Arcana

  • Represents the daily ups and downs of life

  • Any issues here may still be important, but they are only temporary and will be replaced by new ones