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Inspirational Spiritual Quotes Part 4


The fourth installment of spiritual and inspirational quotes to inspire!
This ‘Awake’ collection includes; Carl Jung, T S Eliot, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, De La Soul, Harold Klemp, Machiavelli and Ken Keynes Jr.

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Building A Business. The Psychic Way

Ask anyone who came out of the Psychic closet (myself included), will tell you one of the hardest things to do, is just that.

You cannot fake spirit guides, you cannot fake being this gift. The initiates will see through you immediately but will probably keep silent, so you believe your own garbage. So then, what is the reason that most people of this nature, struggle to build an Entrepreneurial Business, and flip flop in life without knowing where to go?

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Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies

Learning to trust yourself in the age of lies, has never been harder.

The lies have been prettied up, dressed up and made to look spectacular and amazing, leaving you questioning what you feel and believe. This is a global, advanced stage of gas lighting, something that people don’t often realise until they have had these “facts” hijack their system and they are confused.

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