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The Divine Masculine and Feminine Balance

Divine Balance

The Divine Masculine and Feminine Balances of a Person

A lot of people are out of alignment in themselves because they very much struggle with the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only men who have masculine and women, who possess feminine. Yes, the respective sex possesses the gender energy but in each person, there is a little bit of a balance to understand the opposite gender and sex. So, what is interesting here, is that too much of your own sex energy can lead to severe imbalances as we see in modern society, because again; we cannot relate to that other side that we need to.

Men often struggle with their own feminine energy.

Other men who are out of balance with in, make a mockery of men who are in touch with their emotion, make them question their own sexuality and make them feel very uncomfortable.

As much as a man should mainly stay within the realms of masculine energy as his polarity to the feminine, he should also learn to step out into the feminine energy of himself by connecting with women and embracing a softer side, which will enable him to feel more balanced in himself. Men in too hyper masculine energy, will find themselves unable to emotionally open up, which will not serve them well in the long run.

Women too, struggle with their own masculine energy.

Feminine energy is dreamy and doesn’t realise that you must create masculine structures to stay balanced. Women who are too much in their feminine energy, are more than likely to attract abusive men because there always the sense of feeling that someone ELSE needs to prop them upright, instead of doing it themselves.

Balanced and stable women do not have an issue with this and often combine their emotional and practical sides, to have this great temperament whereby they can both understand and relate to men in a proper manner.

So why does the Divine matter so much when it comes to masculine and feminine energy?

Well firstly, divine makes life simpler when it comes to relationships. It makes simpler to approach relationships, because you have compassion for your partner as opposed to just focusing on yourself. This is the biggest difference between a relationship that is based on mutual care, understanding, love and trust as opposed to one where you feel you need to fight, remain in something dysfunctional and expect a lion to become a zebra.

Using Divinity in all our works, ensures that we feel balanced and stable and we can offer the healthiest version of ourselves to someone without worrying about what they think and their approval of if things are going right or not. So, remember, that to have a connection with your partner when it comes to a spiritually evolved and conscious relationship, you should maintain the balance within yourself that will enable you to do so.


When you are not in that perfect balance, your life in different areas will start to look off kilter and will start falling apart in places that you haven’t thought about. You will have issues with your relationship/marriage, you will have issues with your finances and more importantly with your soul harmony.

When you see these symptoms in your life, understand that you need to get closer with your relationship in your perfect element in yourself, to proceed.


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