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Pay on your phone
This is the simplest and quickest option Call 0905 005 8275

Pay by Credit card
Call 0207 111 6425 or Click here to Book Online

All our psychics are experienced and so understand not only the quality of service required but also what you as a customer should expect; empathy and empowerment

How does a telephone reading work?
It’s your choice on how much information to divulge to a reader although most will ask for a name and or date of birth.
Open Reading
Your chosen psychic will read for you in an open-ended way. Requesting an open reading can lead the reading in any direction and so it’s up to you to converse if you want to direct the conversations to receive the guidance you wish for.
You can request guidance on any subject and once again it’s your choice on how much you want to discuss or interact with the psychic. As each psychic has their own style, you may find some are conversationalists which some will prefer to read in a more one-way fashion.


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